Building Warp VR from the ground up is quite an adventure. We are introducing new and innovative Virtual Reality (VR) technology into a - sometimes conservative - training market. As founders we all shared the same passion & dream of transforming the training industry, and together with our amazing clients and our growing Warp VR team we are making that dream come true.

Over the last 4 years Warp VR has helped many clients to train their workforce more effectively. Employees are more engaged and more eager to learn when trained in VR. It is something we hear almost every day.

From 2018 to 2019 we have seen a 200% growth in platform revenues. We have been able to grow the number of clients, partly because of the growing Warp Expert (partner) community. Next to that, we see that existing clients are starting to utilize our products even more, resulting in a growing number of professionals being trained more effectively. 

Our once little startup is growing and becoming more mature. And with this growth, we are entering a new phase for Warp VR. But entering a new phase is always accompanied by a moment of reflection. 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Adriaan Rijkens, had such a moment of reflection. Adriaan is a great CTO and loves to build new innovative software products. For Warp VR those products have been the Warp Studio & Warp VR apps. A lot of new features still need to be built and improvements can still be made. However, the first challenge of creating the actual first products is behind us.

Therefore Adriaan decided to leave Warp VR. He is now on the lookout of a new professional challenge so if you are looking for both a great product owner and a real team player, or you have other ideas, don’t hesitate to contact him.

Of course, the full Warp VR team is sad to see Adriaan leave, but endings are also new beginnings. The full Warp VR team is looking forward to improving and expanding our products to be even more valuable to our clients and their workforce.

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