Over the last four years, we have worked with medium/ large-sized organizations (from healthcare to the energy sector) targeting their challenge to train their employees anytime anywhere with story-based real-life situational & immersive training courses.

In that process, we have built a library of sharable VR training demo content that you can play (& share with others) on your own device (please click here to do so) or watch & share the short videos below. Here is a full list of the available demos:

Soft Skills

Safety & security



- Pharma, Onboarding, Police, Agricultural -

We have met many great people along the way who see and feel the potential of VR training and our story-based approach. They all experienced a variety of demos and were looking for an easy way to convey these experiences to others to get the conversation going on using VR within their context. Now everyone can!

Reach out if you want to learn more or inquire about more specific demos we might be able to share with you personally.

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