Guido Helmerhorst
Founder & CGO

Demos of VR training scenarios - Overview

Watch & Share. A full overview of the VR training scenario demos.

Over the last four years, we have worked with medium/ large-sized organizations (from healthcare to the energy sector) targeting their challenge to train their employees anytime anywhere with story-based real-life situational & immersive training courses.

In that process, we have built a library of sharable VR training demo content that you can play (& share with others) on your own device (please click here to do so) or watch & share the short videos below. Here is a full list of the available demos:

Soft skills


Safety & security




- Pharma, Onboarding, Police, Agricultural -

We have met many great people along the way who see and feel the potential of VR training and our story-based approach. They all experienced a variety of demos and were looking for an easy way to convey these experiences to others to get the conversation going on using VR within their context. Now everyone can!    

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