We believe that all people need access to real-world experiences that empower them to thrive in life, career and beyond. Therefore we believe it should be easy to create, distribute and analyze VR trainings for anyone. For that reason we are continuously working on our Warp Studio and WarpVR app. Below you can read all about what we have improved in the last two months.

Warp Studio

Release 1.16

  • Determine location order in the film export: The Warp Studio supports the pre-production process of a training. The great thing is that you can create a pdf export of all your scenes that need to be filmed. One of the requests was to be able to order the order of scenes within a camera location (like you can do with camera locations). Changing the scene order for filming is now supported! You can also see this in action in our latest webinar: https://youtu.be/5ZRf1kxH9Nk?t=16m39s
  • Several bug fixes: We squashed the bug that prevented people to change an avatar or password.

Release 1.17

  • Remember location on the canvas: We love to listen to your feedback. We noticed that more and more users are creating big and bigger trainings. This results in many scenes on the canvas is the flow. However the canvas kept on resetting its position when jumping into a scene and back. Now the canvas will remember you last position in the canvas when diving into the scene view and back.

Release 1.18

  • Organisation Switching: We are really excited about introducing organisation switching. This enables a user or manager to be part of multiple organisations. Currently, we only support this in the Warp Studio. In the next App release we will also support this in the WarpVR app. Here’s an example of organisation switching in action in the warp studio:
Organisation Switching in the Warp Studio
  • VR Tutorial: Whilst deploying this release we have enabled the VR tutorial in the WarpVR app. Now trainees will be able to play this VR tutorial to familiarize themselves with VR. The tutorial is supported in Dutch and English (based on your phone language settings).

Warp VR App

Release 1.16

  • May the controller be with you: As you might have noticed the GearVR and the OculusGO nowadays come with a controller. Because this controller is becoming a standard in the MobileVR world we wanted to support this. Now you can use a controller to play your trainings. If you do not have a controller on your GearVR you can use the touchpad on the side to make selections.
  • Background download support: People do not like to wait in general, and we at Warp definitely do not like to wait. Therefore we now support background download on Android devices. You can now do something else whilst your training is downloaded. For example, open another app, or watch a Netflix movie. No worries, the download will continue.
  • Bye Bye Curved Menu: In the past, we had a menu that curved around you. This however created many performance issues on the mobile phones, and not everybody even liked the curve. Therefore we got rid of it completely. This is also our first steps towards introducing a whole new UI that will be amazing.
  • Performance Improvements: We do not want to bore you with all the details. But good to know is that our development team has done many many improvements to create a smooth and user-friendly experience. Usually you do not notice these changes because once something is good you forget the past very quickly.
  • Bug Fixing: Unfortunately bugs are a part of life. Squash one bug and another will appear over time. However, we will keep on squashing them once we see them. We also are very great-full to our users who find them and notify us on support@warp.industries . Here you can find some of the bugs that we squashed:
  • When no trainings have been assigned to the user an empty slate should appear.
  • When the loop moment of a scene in the Warp Studio is set completely to the right the video in the scene should freeze.
  • When starting the training with a transition scene the next scene should appear without a problem (this happened with very long transitions).

Release 1.17

  • Background Download for iOS: In the previous release we introduced the background download for Android users. But nobody likes to wait, so why not also support this for Apple. Therefore background download also now works for Apple phones. So during a download, you can continue working on emails or watching a Netflix movie. After returning to the WarpVR app you can play all the downloaded trainings.
  • Powered by Warp: We think it is amazing what trainings you are creating and do not want to take any credits for that amazing work. The only thing we want to take credit for is that these trainings run on WarpVR software. Therefore you will now find the ‘Powered by Warp’ logo in both the VR and in the 2D menu.

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