At Warp VR we are continuously improving the Warp Studio and the Warp VR app. We work in 3-weekly sprints with both the Warp Studio as the Warp VR app team. After every sprint we try to see if we can do a release, this way our improvements can directly be shared with the end-users.

Warp Studio

Release 1.14

  • Increase the API security: To protect our service even better from potential attacks we have upgraded our API security. This is especially important to our open APIs that communicate with the Warp VR app.
  • Export User data: The Warp Studio collects all the analytics of trainees. In the studio, you can view this per trainee. We now added an export button in the Trainee area (top right). This data can be imported into any Business Intelligence software (e.g. Qlick or Excel) or LMS system to create meaning-full insights on what trainees have done.
  • Increase password security: Managers & Trainees now need to create a password with at least 8 characters, one capital, and one number. This makes the passwords more secure and therefore increases the overall security of the Warp Studio.
  • Warp Studio migrated to a new infrastructure: At Warp VR we think availability to & security of our Warp Studio is very important. For that reason, we have completely upgraded our infrastructure (think of having multiple servers, logging all activity and detecting malicious use) to increase the stability of our service.

Release 1.15

  • Various transcoding improvements: We have increased the stability of how videos our transcoded on our server. This allows the managers to get the best video quality possible in the most efficient way to the trainee.
  • Force .mp4 video upload: There are many different video formats that can be used. But there are just some that can be considered a standard throughout the world (think ok AVI, FLV, WMV, MOV, and MP4). In the future, we want to support the most common ones. MP4 is currently the most widely supported video format playable by software-based media players. For that reason, we have decided to only support .mp4 uploads.
  • To be, or not to be, that is the question: When creating different scenes (like a multiple-choice, direction or hotspot scene) You can add a question in a certain part of the form. However, sometimes you want to just enter information. Therefore we renamed that part “Information”. You can still enter a question there, but now it is less confusing if you just enter information there.
  • Bolder Font: We noticed that the boldness of the font shown on the Warp Studio was not always the same on different browsers. Therefore we have changed the boldness to a weight size that is supported in most web browsers.

Warp VR App

Release 1.12

  • App translation support: As we are going more global we see the need to supporting local languages. We, therefore, have made it possible in our back-end to add languages to our app. Currently, we support Dutch and English. If the language is not supported the English language will be the standard. If you are interested in getting the app in your own language, drop us a line (
  • Improved fade in/out: We improved the fade in/out between various transitions, like from the menu to a scenario or from the scenario to the result screen. For example when the scenario starts this happens with a fade-in so a person is not warped too directly into a scenario. This improves the overall trainee experience of the Warp VR app.
  • Increase password security: Like in the Warp Studio, trainees now need to create a password with at least 8 characters, one capital, and one number. This makes the passwords more secure and therefore increases the overall security of the Warp VR App.

Release 1.14 (Question: “Hey you guys skipped version 1.13" Answer: “Yes, to avoid bad luck!”)

  • Bug Fixing: Having bugs is part of life. Even though you might have killed that bug that keeps you awake at night, the next night there will be a new bug. We continuously try to fix bugs during sprints. If you find one you can let us know through
  • VR Log-out in the settings: You might remember the logout button on the screen where you see all your scenarios. We have moved that button to the settings screen. This prevents users from accidentally logging out.

Release 1.15

  • Increase the API security: As seen above the Warp Studio has improved the API security. This actually forced us (in a good way) to completely revisit our code to communicate to the Warp Studio APIs. This resulted in both the support of the secured APIs as in having improved code for a much stabler connection to the Warp Studio. This enables us to receive scenarios and to send data to the Warp Studio in a much more secure and stable way.
  • Play without VR glasses: At Warp VR we are convinced in the added value of virtual reality. You are experiencing a scenario instead of looking at it. However, not everybody has VR glasses at their disposal. For this reason, we added the possibility to play a scenario in 2D for the Warp VR cardboard app on Android Phones and iPhones.
  • VR tutorial support: Getting the hang of interacting within VR is important for first-time users of the WarpVR app. For this reason, in all our apps our standard tutorial will be shown so people can get used to using VR before they play a scenario. Currently, we support 2 tutorial languages, Dutch and English.

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