Warp Studio

Release 1.19

  • Randomizer: In order to make scenarios even more thrilling we have introduced the randomizer. This allows you to put a trainee in a random situation after making a choice. The benefit is that you can challenge a trainee even when replaying a scenario.
  • No Score: A trainee does not always need to see a score at the end. For this reason, we have added the option to set the scoring system to ‘No points’. Once it is set on ‘No points’ a trainee will only get one feedback text at the end (that you can change) and will see no stars. In the Warp Studio analytics, all choices will be collected but no stars will be shown.
  • Example Scenario: For our new Warp Studio users we have added an awesome Tutorial that learns first-time users to create their first scenario.
  • Transcoding Queue Fix: Something went wrong when publishing a scenario without having all the videos transcoded. We have now fixed the Warp Studio transcoding queue so it waits to transcode the individual video’s before it starts to publish the scenario.

Warp VR App

Release 1.18

  • This version supports the randomizer that has been set in the Warp Studio.
  • The Organisation Switch functionality is now also supported in the app. If your account is part of multiple organizations you can switch between these in the app.
  • Several Bug Fixes.

Release 1.19

  • As mentioned above it is possible to show ‘No score’ for a scenario in the Warp Studio. From this app version, the turn off the scoring system is supported.
  • Several Bug Fixes.

That’s all! Do you want to report a bug and or do you have an awesome idea to make our Warp Studio or Warp VR app even better? Feel free to send an email to support@warp.industries!

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