We have completely rewritten our existing code to be much cleaner & better structured. This new code has increased the stability of our app and also enables us to increase the speed to develop new features.

Here’s a summary of the most important features:

  • Timer: You can now add a timer per scene. Not making a choice can also be a choice.
  • Hotspots: You can add hotspots in the scenes. This can be used in various ways. For example you have to find security risks (you can hide the hotspots for the user). Or to operate a machine (what lever to select first).
  • Back button in the scenario: Sometimes you start a scenario but want to go back to the menu. Now you can do this by looking down at the ‘Back to Menu’ button.
  • Logo in Scenario: When you add a logo to your account this will be displayed in the bottom of your scenario. The benefit of this logo is that you do not need to remove your tripods from the 360˚ movie (The logo overlaps the tripod).
  • Audio Effects: We thought it to be a bit too quiet in the Menu. We added audio effects to improve the user experience.
  • Streamlined placing: We made sure that the placements of interactive elements in the Warp Studio are better aligned in the Warp VR app
  • PDF Reading in VR: We added a PDF reader in VR. Trainees can now for example read a manual whilst doing a training.
  • Deletion of Scenarios: You are now able to delete scenarios in order to save space on your VR device. You can do this both in 2D as in VR.

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