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Soft skills
Assess in an interview whether a candidate is fit for the job position
Learning goal
Ask the right questions and assess candidates properly on an interview
Main character
HR recruiter
The arena
See all story elements
Game goal
Chose the right candidate
Main obstacle
Each candidate has a few of the job requirements, which one is more fit for the role
Successful ending
You pick the right candidate and the team is happy with the work done
Unsuccessful ending
You pick the wrong candidate and you’ll need to find a new employee, which costs the company extra money
Other characters
Candidates, team members
Soft skills

Assess in an interview whether a candidate is fit for the job position

You are an HR manager and at the moment, you are looking at the CV from one of two people you need to interview for the new Project Manager position. Both candidates have their interviews scheduled for today.

The first CV shows a candidate that has more years of experience in the field, whereas the second candidate has education that fits the role more.

During the interviews, you will need to pay attention to each candidate’s attitude, their degree of adaptability, level of honesty, professionalism, as well as willingness to commit to their work and whether they fulfil the main requirements for the job. It is up to you to ask the right questions and make a decision on who will fit the position and the company culture better.

Will it be the candidate with less experience but a lot of enthusiasm and will for team work, or the candidate with more experience but less talkative and more likely harder to adapt? Your choice will show whether you’ve made the right decision by the reactions of the candidate’s colleagues and the work done.

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