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Being a security officer at a university
Learning goal
Learn the daily responsibilities of a security officer and always check IDs
Main character
Security officer
The arena
Entrance of a university campus
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Game goal
Find a way to understand whether the person is a student of this university without doing any damage
Main obstacle
The person doesn’t have a valid student ID
Successful ending
The situation is resolved without the student or the university being harmed
Unsuccessful ending
The person is an actual student but isn’t allowed access and misses an exam. Or the person is not a student, but is allowed access and causes trouble in the campus.
Other characters
The student who tries to get access, and other students

Being a security officer at a university

You are a security officer at a university campus. At the moment, you’re standing at the entrance of the campus where your main responsibility is to check student IDs.

A group of students approaches the entrance while holding up their ID for you while passing by. After noticing that one of the students doesn’t have an ID, you stop that person to ask for an ID but you get an answer that it was forgotten at home in a rush to catch the bus. The person also has an exam today, and really needs to enter to not fail the class.

If you let the student pass, you risk that you let in a trespasser who may cause trouble with other students or do damages on the campus.

If you don’t let the person in, then you’re risking not letting in a student of the campus who may fail exams.

You may need to find a third option as a solution and think about the possible consequences.

At the end of this training, you should be prepared to be a security officer at any school.

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