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Compromise between being friendly for investors or the environment
Learning goal
Learn how to compromise between investors vs the environment
Main character
The arena
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Game goal
Don’t lose the investment, but help the community
Main obstacle
Not enough budget for the project the investors want
Successful ending
Both the investors and the community are happy with the project
Unsuccessful ending
The community doesn’t accept the project, investors leave angry, and the construction company damaged its budget
Other characters
Construction & offshore
Soft skills

Compromise between being friendly for investors or the environment

You’ve been hired as an architect in a construction company and have already been working together with one of the senior architects on a few projects. At the moment, you’re behind your desk finishing some administrative work, when your manager walks in.

She shares a new project request from investors that plan to build an environment-friendly building in a prestigious, eco-oriented neighborhood. Only the budget may not be enough to pull this off. Your manager stresses the fact that the company hasn’t been doing well on the financial side lately, so any new project is more than welcome. Therefore, she accepted the request of the investors and assigns you as the project architect for this challenge.

If you are faithful to the environment and ensure that the building is energy-efficient, with solar panels, plenty of natural light, and ventilation to reduce the need for air conditioning and heating, you will make it easy for the neighborhood to accept the project and possibly attract plenty of new residents. On the other hand, this would almost double the required investment and possibly anger the investors.

If you pay more attention to the available budget, the project may be completely rejected by the neighborhood and the investors may do more damage than just withdrawing their investment.

After this training, you should be prepared to make the right construction decisions and compromise when put in a difficult situation between two important options.

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