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Diversity & inclusion
Soft skills
Confront an all-male board as a female manager
Learning goal
Get empathy for diversity
Main character
Female manager
The arena
A boardroom during a meeting
See all story elements
Game goal
Convince all board members to go a different route
Main obstacle
Male board members that don’t listen to you
Successful ending
You convinced the board members to implement your idea
Unsuccessful ending
A male coworker gets a promotion
Other characters
Other male board members
Diversity & inclusion
Soft skills

Confront an all-male board as a female manager

You are a female manager in your company and want to convince the board members to go a different route for the latest project due to many inconveniences you’ve found. The board consists of 5 male members.

When you look around, you are in a boardroom where the members are waiting for the meeting to start. Your male coworker is there as well, whose plan was initially accepted regardless of its flaws.

He constantly interrupts you by mocking your suggestions and gets laughing support from all board members. If you don’t convince the board about your idea, your coworker gets promoted.

At the end of this training, you should understand what it would be like to be in a female’s shoes, to get empathy for diversity and a reflection of a board member’s or male behavior.

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