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Customer service
Soft skills
De-escalate a situation with a drunk passenger in an aircraft
Learning goal
Know how to handle a drunk passenger on an aircraft
Main character
The arena
An airborne aircraft
See all story elements
Game goal
Prevent chaos from happening while being in the air
Main obstacle
Dealing with the drunk passenger
Successful ending
You find a solution for the drunk passenger
Unsuccessful ending
The drunk passenger gets even more aggressive
Other characters
The drunk passenger, his wife and other passengers
Customer service
Soft skills

De-escalate a situation with a drunk passenger in an aircraft

You are a stewardess for an airline company. At the moment, you are in a plane getting ready to take off. You assist passengers to settle their bags and find their seats. Some of them request different seats, but you kindly let them know that each passenger has to be seated on their booked spot.

The plane takes off. You and your colleagues start serving the passengers with some food and drinks.

Later, a woman calls from her seat for one of the staff to help her out. When you get to her seat, she politely asks if she could switch seats. Before you manage to answer, the man next to her raises his voice saying she’s probably running away from him and starts pulling her hand to stay. You notice a few empty mini alcohol bottles in front of him and conclude that the passenger may be drunk. The challenge is to prevent chaos happening while in air and finding a solution for the situation. If you confront him alone, he may get more physically violent. If you switch the woman’s seat, the rest of the passengers may get involved and request the same.

At the end of this training, you should be able to handle a drunk passenger onboard.

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