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Soft skills
Deal with a visitor outside of opening hours
Learning goal
Learn the visiting hours policy of the hospital, its regulations and possible exclusions
Main character
Front desk nurse
The arena
Hospital - front desk
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Game goal
Handle an emotional visitor while respecting the hospital visiting hours policy
Main obstacle
The difficult health condition of the visitor’s father
Successful ending
Unsuccessful ending
Other characters
Visitor, previous shift nurse
Soft skills

Deal with a visitor outside of opening hours

You are a nurse at the front desk of a hospital and your night shift just started. Before leaving, the nurse from the previous shift updates you about daily events, patients that were checked in or out and remaining visitors (as the visitor opening hours just ended).

Thirty minutes into your shift, a man walks up to the desk, all flustered and in a rush. He tells you he’s come to visit his father but was stuck in a work meeting. You kindly let him know that visiting hours have ended and you can not let him pass.

He gets upset and continues to explain that tomorrow morning he leaves on a business trip so he won’t be able to see his father (who is in a difficult health state) for a while.

Knowing the rules of the hospital, you may lose your job for not respecting the visiting hours, but on the other hand you may prevent a son seeing his father, maybe for the last time.

The main challenge is to handle this emotional situation properly without disrespecting hospital regulations or the visitor.

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