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Diversity & inclusion
Deal with discrimination in the classroom
Learning goal
Dealing with discriminating situations among students
Main character
The arena
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Game goal
Calming down an angry student without causing him or anyone else harm
Main obstacle
Discriminating student
Successful ending
The student understands his mistake and calms down
Unsuccessful ending
The student hurts another student because you made him angrier
Other characters
School principal, angry student
Diversity & inclusion

Deal with discrimination in the classroom

You are a teacher at a high school. At the moment, you’re in a meeting with the rest of the teachers and the school principal, discussing changes that should be made within curriculums. The principal shares that a new program has been developed which promotes inclusivity and diversity. She claims it is engaging and educational for students from all backgrounds, promoting a culture of respect and understanding. It is required that every teacher inserts parts of this program into their curriculum as they see fit. You are also warned that it may trigger certain negative behavior among some students.

You’ve decided to make use of the program by asking your students to write an essay about the beauty of a culture different from their own. At the moment, you’re in class and you’re sharing this information with your students, when one of them makes a racist joke that is offensive to individuals in the room and in general.

You try to point out to the student that this kind of behavior is not accepted in your class or in society, but the student gets angry and starts shouting and points out that certain cultures are not worthy to learn and waste their time on.

It is up to you whether and how you will calm down the situation, without being offensive to the angry student or anyone else. It is up to you whether you will change the situation by replying to hatred with anger, or with education and proper measurements.

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