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Soft skills
Deal with objections from employees
Learning goal
How to deal with objections from employees
Main character
HR representative
The arena
HR office
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Game goal
Know how to find common ground and convince the employee to stay
Main obstacle
Employee threatens to leave the company while he is a key player
Successful ending
Employee is convinced to stay
Unsuccessful ending
Employee quits his job
Other characters
The employee
Soft skills

Deal with objections from employees

You are an HR representative for your company. When you look around, you are in your office and next to you on the desk are some job applications you need to review for the new job ad.

There is a knock on your door and you let in one of the company’s employees. He looks flustered and stressed. You ask him to sit down and tell you what’s wrong.

He raises his voice and explains that he just had a feedback session with his team lead and again, there is no salary raise. You try to calm him down but he gets even angrier, pacing through the room and explaining how much work he’s done, the importance of it and that he’s irreplaceable. Furthermore, he threatens to leave the company if this doesn’t change.

The challenge is to find a common ground and convince the employee to stay. If not, you will lose a key employee who’s not easily replaceable.

At the end of this training you should be able to deal with objections from employees.

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