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Find the exit when there is a fire in a factory
Learning goal
Learn the evacuation procedure
Main character
Employee at this factory
The arena
Large factory
See all story elements
Game goal
Know your way around the factory in case of an emergency
Main obstacle
Successful ending
You found the exit and you are safely out
Unsuccessful ending
It takes too long to find the nearest exit
Other characters
Your colleagues in panic
Oil, gas & energy
Health & safety

Find the exit when there is a fire in a factory

You are an employee in a factory. It’s a regular working day and you enter the building. One of your colleagues lets you know that the factory cafeteria has been closed since this morning due to upgrades to be done in the kitchen, so you won’t have lunch there. Another colleague joins by saying it would’ve been better if that money was invested in fixing the second elevator, which may be useful if you need to leave the building faster. You laugh it off and get to work.

While doing your daily work tasks, the fire alarm sounds off. A worker running from the kitchen area shouts there’s been an explosion while removing the old cooker which caused a fire.

Everyone panics and runs in different directions. Some towards the stairs in the hallway, others towards the entry door, and some towards the working elevator, including both of your colleagues from this morning. They shout your name to join them.

The fire starts spreading faster and you need to decide which way you’ll go. The main challenge is to exit the right way. If you remember the procedure, you’ll exit through the hallway stairs. If you follow your colleagues in a moment of panic, you won’t have a happy ending.

At the end of this training, you should be able to memorize your company’s evacuation procedure in case of fire while feeling panicked, stressed or scared.

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