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Customer service
Soft skills
Handle a train passenger without a valid ticket
Learning goal
Deal with difficult passengers
Main character
Ticket conductor
The arena
A moving train
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Game goal
Handle a passenger who doesn’t have a valid train ticket
Main obstacle
The passenger doesn’t have a valid ticket, but cannot be removed from the train
Successful ending
You find a good solution
Unsuccessful ending
The passenger get’s angry
Other characters
Customer service
Soft skills

Handle a train passenger without a valid ticket

You are a conductor on a train. Your daily shift just started and you are on one of the trains. You walk from wagon to wagon and ask passengers for a boarding pass for the ride.

A young boy, probably in his early twenties, looks troubled as he answers he doesn’t carry one at the moment, but has one forgotten at home. Knowing the procedure, you ask him to purchase one now or leave the train on the next station.

He confronts you by saying he doesn’t have any money and is currently going to his college. He cannot miss his final exam or he will be suspended. Other passengers get involved. Some tell you to let the boy go, but others seek justice and equality.

The challenge is to properly handle the passenger breaking the rules while everyone else around you gets involved. If you make him get off the train, he may really be suspended. If you don’t, you’re breaking the transportation rules and you may face an angry manager.

At the end of this training, you should feel prepared to handle difficult passengers on a train.

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