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Soft skills
Learn how to negotiate with suppliers at a bank
Learning goal
Learn how to negotiate with suppliers
Main character
Procurement officer
The arena
See all story elements
Game goal
Get a better deal for the replacement printer
Main obstacle
Double price of the service
Successful ending
You get a better deal that doesn’t damage the bank’s budget for goods and services
Unsuccessful ending
The supplier gets offended by your way of negotiating and cuts the relationship
Other characters
Soft skills

Learn how to negotiate with suppliers at a bank

You are a procurement officer at a bank. At the moment, you’re in your office and receive a ticket in the procurement system that the printer is broken and needs to be replaced.

In the years you’ve been working in this bank, you’ve already used a few different services from the same company where printer need to be exchanged. Your experiences with these have been good so far.

You get on a call with them and ask for a new printer to be delivered, but they let you know this time, both the printer and the delivery will cost double than before due to inflation. Knowing this is much higher than the budget planned for goods and services, you will need to use your soft skills and manage to get a better deal, without insulting the supplier on the phone or negatively affecting the bank’s budget.

After this training, you should be able to negotiate with suppliers and keeping a good relationship with them, while not damaging the bank’s budget.

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