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Learn the principles of good housekeeping
Learning goal
Prepare a room properly before guests arrive
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New housekeeper
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Learn the 10 principles of good housekeeping
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Hospitality Manager
Retail & hospitality

Learn the principles of good housekeeping

You started as a new employee in a hotel in the role of a housekeeper. When you look around, you’re in the hotel lobby and it’s very much alive. Guests are checking in and out, hosts greeting them and hotel staff doing their everyday tasks.

A person greets you and introduces herself as the head of housekeeping, and asks you to follow her in her office where she explains your daily responsibilities, working hours and shifts, as well as the type of guests that usually stay in the hotel.

Afterwards, she shows you the locker room where you can change into your work uniform, and later leads you to an empty guest room.

Together, you will go over the 10 principles of housekeeping and how to do them, including room ventilation, changing bed linen and towels, removing garbage, dusting, wiping surfaces, bathroom, mirrors and windows, vacuuming, and restocking amenities and consumables. At the end, you’re asked for the 10th principle - do a final check and confirm whether all is in order.

After this training, you should feel prepared to do proper housekeeping for any hotel.

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