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Oil, gas & energy
Get onboarded on an oil platform
Learning goal
Understand the requirements of working at an oil rig
Main character
New employee
The arena
Oil platform
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Game goal
Main obstacle
Successful ending
Understand the job requirements
Unsuccessful ending
Don't understand the job requirements
Other characters
Crew chief
Oil, gas & energy

Get onboarded on an oil platform

This is your first day at work on an oil rig and the crew chief welcomes you. Being responsible for supervising the team and their work, he walks you through the rig and introduces you to all your colleagues, explaining their daily tasks as well as yours.

While having this tour, you get familiarized with the location and purpose of drilling materials, heavy hauling equipment, oil barrels, and other machinery. At the same time, you learn about the different positions and their responsibilities, such as pumpers who make sure the oil pumps function properly and there isn’t any leakage, rig mechanics who repair machines and vehicles, drill operators who manages the drilling equipment, a safety engineer who inspects and analyzes the safety systems, and many more.

At the end of this training, you should feel confident to work on an oil rig.

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