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Resolve a PR crisis on social media
Learning goal
Dealing with a social media crisis
Main character
PR officer
The arena
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Game goal
Finding out the core of the problem and notify all clients affected
Main obstacle
Delivery failure
Successful ending
Create content available to all clients at the same time, apologizing and compensating for their patience
Unsuccessful ending
Wasting time on replying to every comment separately while not knowing the core of the problem, which will bring more hatred and possible jeopardy of the brand
Other characters
Retail & hospitality
Customer service

Resolve a PR crisis on social media

You are a PR officer for a clothing brand in the retail industry. It is a normal working day and you’re behind your desk, doing your daily obligations. Suddenly, your phone shows multiple notifications, one after the other.

You unlock the phone and notice that all notifications come from the company’s Instagram profile. More than 50 clients have written public complaints about receiving different items than what they ordered. New comments keep coming in and if you don’t act fast, the reputation of the brand may be in jeopardy.

If you don’t figure out the core of the problem and start replying to each comment separately that the issue will be fixed, you may lose a lot of time and not resolve anything. If you take some time to find out what went wrong with the deliveries, and create publicly available content where the CEO of the brand apologizes to clients with compensation, the brand may be saved.

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