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Retail & hospitality
Customer service
Serving guests in a restaurant
Learning goal
Learn the challenges of serving customers in a restaurant
Main character
Waiter / waitress
The arena
See all story elements
Game goal
Know the menu and the ingredients of all courses
Main obstacle
You don’t know the menu or the course ingredients well enough
Successful ending
You can properly advise about the menu and all course ingredients, resulting in a happy guest
Unsuccessful ending
The guest has an allergic reaction to some of the course ingredients
Other characters
Other guests
Retail & hospitality
Customer service

Serving guests in a restaurant

You work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant. At the moment, you welcome two guests and guide them to their table.

When you ask what they’d like to order, one of them orders a caesar salad with no dressing and a well-done steak with rice. The other guest orders a caesar salad as well, but asks what’s in the white sauce of the ‘chicken and mushrooms in white sauce’ option.

If you fail to mention important allergens, the guest will order this course and have an allergic reaction to the nuts mixed within the sauce. This will damage the restaurant’s reputation.

If you outline all the ingredients, the guest will share that he’s allergic to nuts and will order another course.

After this training, you should be more prepared for challenges associated with working in a restaurant.

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