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Health & safety
Taking care of the elderly
Learning goal
Be careful and always react fast because a human’s life is at risk
Main character
The arena
The home of an elderly woman
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Game goal
Save the elderly woman’s life
Main obstacle
Possible incompetence
Successful ending
The elderly woman is ok
Unsuccessful ending
Possible death or trauma
Other characters
Caregiver colleague
Health & safety

Taking care of the elderly

You work in a healthcare organization as an elderly caregiver. Today one of the senior caregivers will show you what a regular work day looks like by taking you with them to a client.

While driving to the destination, your colleague gives you information about the client: an elderly woman named Elise, 87 years old, living alone, had a heart attack two years ago and uses prescribed heart medicine daily. She needs help with occasional physical exercises and assistance with personal care and hygiene, as well as grocery shopping.

Once there, Elise greets you sweetly and your colleague starts their daily routine. You follow as he gets her up, helps her brush her teeth, prepares her breakfast and after the meal hands her a glass of water with her heart medicine. She refuses to drink the medicine unless it’s with cold milk. After he finds no milk in the fridge, your colleague informs you that he’ll go out to do some grocery shopping, while you should stay and be of help if needed.

By the time you close the door behind him, there is a choking sound coming from the other room. You find Elise fighting for her breath and waving frantically with her hands from the chair. You glance at the coffee table next to her and notice the medicine is gone, but the water remains untacked.

If you act fast and know what to do, Elise will be ok (and forever grateful to you). Otherwise, your colleague comes back saying he forgot the car keys, sees Elise choking and helps her, while yelling at you for standing still. This may cost you your new job.

At the end of this training, you should feel prepared for the daily responsibilities of being an elderly caregiver.

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