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Soft skills
Talk to a troubled student at school
Learning goal
Deal with difficult situations from students
Main character
The arena
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Game goal
Have a heart-to-heart conversation and recognize when a student is telling the truth
Main obstacle
You might be late for another class and you are not sure if the student is lying
Successful ending
You successfully help the student
Unsuccessful ending
The student denies that this conversation ever happened
Other characters
The student
Soft skills

Talk to a troubled student at school

You are a teacher in high school and you give a lesson to a group of students. After reminding them to prepare for the test next week, the class is dismissed and students walk out the room. You have 10 minutes until your next class.

However, one student lingers and looks troubled. With doubt, she approaches you and asks if you have some time to talk. Letting her know you’re available for 10 minutes, she starts explaining with a quiet tone that she and her mom are victims of domestic violence and she doesn’t know who to ask help from. Furthermore, she starts crying and shows you her bruises.

The main challenge is to figure out whether the student is telling the truth or has other motives. In order to find out, you’ll have to develop the conversation, but you’ll be late for your next class. If you leave this conversation for after school, the student may be in denial afterwards.

At the end of this training, you should know how to handle both your student’s and your emotions in a difficult situation, as well as be well prepared to recognize whether the student is really facing issues or is lying for other motives.

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