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Construction & offshore
Health & safety
Talk to colleagues about unsafe behavior at a construction site
Learning goal
Increase awareness about the risk of dropped objects
Main character
Construction worker
The arena
Construction site
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Game goal
Make sure your colleague ties his wrench to his belt
Main obstacle
Make your colleague understand why safety is important
Successful ending
The wrench falls down
Unsuccessful ending
Your colleague understands the unsafe behavior
Other characters
The co-worker
Construction & offshore
Health & safety

Talk to colleagues about unsafe behavior at a construction site

You are a construction worker and working on a new building. You are standing at a height at the top of the new building and the construction is not finished yet.

While doing your job, you notice one of the bolts on the iron fence is loose. You call your co-worker responsible for this matter to tighten the bolt.

He comes carrying a wrench, but you notice that the wrench is not tied to his belt. The challenge is to pay attention to safety while staying respectful to your colleague. If you point out that the wrench is not tied, he may get offended and defensive that he knows his job better than you. If you don’t point it out, the wrench may fall and hurt another colleague on the construction site. At the end of this training, you should have more awareness about the risk of dropped objects.

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