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Health & safety
Teach nurses how to handle wrongly dosed medications
Learning goal
Learn the reporting procedure to use in case of incorrectly dosed medicines
Main character
The arena
Hospital, patient’s room
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Game goal
Confront the head nurse about wrong dosage and save patient
Main obstacle
Head nurse has a higher and more powerful position than you
Successful ending
You report the head nurse to higher management and save the patient
Unsuccessful ending
The patient dies
Other characters
Head nurse, doctor, patient
Health & safety

Teach nurses how to handle wrongly dosed medications

You are a nurse in a hospital and this is your first week of training. Today, you’re working a night shift and you’re under the supervision of the head nurse. At the moment, you’re doing the regular routine by checking all patients and their medical status, as well as the daily dose of medications and any assigned changes by their doctors.

When arriving to the bed of patient #62, you see the head nurse providing the prescribed medication. She joyfully greets you and asks how your night has been so far. While having a short chat, you notice on the patient’s board that the prescribed dose of the medication is higher than what the head nurse just inserted. You try to point it out, but she cuts you off by saying that she knows what she’s doing.

Being new at your job, it’s up to you what decision you’ll make next. Do you wait for the head nurse to leave the room and give the patient the rest of the dose, although you’re not authorized to give medications yet. Do you share this information with higher management or a doctor, risking to lose your job? Or do you do nothing and risk the patient’s health?

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