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Customer service
Working at a train station information desk
Learning goal
Pay attention to priority tasks
Main character
Station customer service assistant
The arena
Train station
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Game goal
Help passengers to get on the right train on time
Main obstacle
Successful ending
Passengers don’t miss their train
Unsuccessful ending
Passenger miss their train
Other characters
Customer service

Working at a train station information desk

You work as a customer service assistant at the information desk of a train station, and you just arrived for your shift. The day goes by as many passengers stop to ask different questions, such as: When does this train leave? Which platform is my train on? How can I get from point A to point B? Are there discounts for students? Is there a toilet on this station? And so on..

Mid day, two people stop by saying they’re not from this country so it’s not clear whether they should use a tourist or regular pass. You explain to them that there is no tourist pass but a daily one which may be a cheaper option if they want to travel around the city. You continue by pointing towards the machines in the back where they can get the daily pass.

The passenger thanks you for your help and leaves towards the machines. There is a notification popping up on your monitor but at the same time the same passenger comes back. They ask for your help with getting the daily pass from the machine because it’s in a language they don’t understand and the English option does not function for some reason.

If you leave your desk without checking the notification that just arrived, you will miss announcing on the public address system that a train has changed the platform and leaves in 2 minutes, thus making hundreds of passengers miss their train.

At the end of this training, you should be ready for any inquiry from passengers.

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