Create any scenario you can think of

We believe in the right workflow when it comes to creating engaging VR scenarios. First create your scenario and enter details for filming. Second film your scenario and upload the 360˚ video files. Test your scenario in Warp Studio or our mobile apps before distributing.


Creating scenarios is as simple as drag-and-drop in our user-friendly flow tool. Collaborate with colleagues, create different scenes and connect them to create your non-linear storyline. Determine your scoring system and enter details about filming.


Simply export your scenario to PDF and use during your film shoot. Mark which scenes are recorded to make sure no videos are missing. Upload all of your 360˚ videos to Warp Studio and connect to your scenario.


Change position and timing of all interactive elements in the videos, publish your scenario and quickly test in one of our mobile apps. Make changes to your scenario before distributing to all employees.

We can help

Success for you means success for us. Create your own VR training scenarios with our free support or hire us to create scenarios for you. Choose our onboarding package to kickstart your VR scenario or hire a Warp Expert for video production.

Our approach to customer success

Distribute to all major mobile VR platforms

Distribute your scenarios to all major mobile VR platforms. We have apps for iOS, Android and Oculus Go. No VR headset? No problem. Play your scenarios in 2D mode on any smartphone. Fully control who can play which scenario.


Publish scenarios to as many trainees as you like. Control which trainees can play which scenarios. Want to change your scenario, simply publish again. Trainees will get notified about this latest version.


Sign in and play scenarios in VR or 2D mode on iOS, Android, GearVR or the Oculus Go. Don’t have a internet connection? No problem. Scenarios can be fully downloaded to be able to play offline.


Try to get the best possible score for a scenario ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Receive custom feedback to know how to improve. Highscores are always shown to challenge trainees to always do better.

Analyse data of all trainees, up to every single choice

Warp Studio offers performance management right from our web platform. See how trainees progress, check out high scores and see their every choice. All in one place.


Take a look at all attempts made by all of your trainees. Check out their high scores or analyse scores for your whole team. Replay scenarios or check whenever they opened a document in VR.


Act upon data. Choose to sit down with one of your employees and talk about their progress. Or change procedures when VR training data tells you that everybody makes the same mistakes.


Export all data as CSV to analyse in your own favourite software or to import in an existing Learning Management System.

“We are very enthusiastic about Warp Studio. The easy drag and drop functionality allows us to quickly create a full training scenario from scratch. We also really appreciated how Warp’s customer service deals with our user feedback.”

Cees den Hoed, Training Representative at Air France-KLM

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