We improved our immersive learning platform Warp Studio with many new features, including:

The number of training scenarios played doubled compared to 2020, and we introduced workshops to create and implement effective training scenarios. Read more: Need help starting with VR training? Book one of our workshops.

In September, we launched the Warp Store for off-the-shelf immersive training content like company emergency response training, healthcare professional courses and corporate soft skills scenarios. Since the launch, training scenarios have been played over 6,000 times. Read more: Buy off-the-shelf VR courses ... Right now!

"This helps me to imagine how trainees would respond and what the best questions are to use. Warp VR did a terrific job in explaining this to us. Really appreciate it." - Brunei Shell Petroleum


In 2021 we realized a 140% growth with new customers like CINOP, Salling Group, AIS Thailand, Saasen Groep, Brunei Shell Petroleum and Marsh McLennan. Watch the following webinars to learn more how our customers and partners use Warp VR:

To continue our expansion into EMEA and North America, we participated in the Dutch Basecamp Globaliser program, opened a new office in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam, added B2B SaaS expert Geert Jan Kraan as our first Marketing Lead and secured a €1M seed investment led by a group of business angels, combined with several senior partners from consultancy firm Roland Berger. These funds will be used to expand sales and marketing capabilities, as well as opening up several IT positions. Read more: Warp VR raises €1M seed funding to take corporate training to the next level.

Here's to 2022 ... the year to get your employee training in check. We are already looking forward to it! 🚀

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