The enterprise immersive learning platform

Discover the easy and powerful way to train employees anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Scale VR training with SSO and LMS & LXP integrations. Improve business performance with comprehensive analytics.

Reimagine what training looks like

Warp Studio is a cloud-based training platform combining story-based immersive learning experiences with detailed performance tracking and scalable deployment.

Get started quickly with off-the-shelf content

Kickstart your immersive learning program with ready-made training courses. Created by certified experts, these courses offer a diverse and relevant range of learning resources and help your employees develop the right skills.

Play anytime, anywhere. On smartphone, tablet, desktop or VR

Integrate. Integrate courses and training results with your LMS or LXP

Analytics. Trainee management & detailed performance tracking

The door procedure
Non-hierarchical leadership
Dealing with resistance
Care for the elderly
Provide constructive feedback
Facilitating a virtual meeting
Infection prevention
At the workshop
Strategic sales conversations
Smoke and fire

“I never thought that building amazing scenarios for VR as a novice would be so easy.”

“Powerful and performant VR development app, beginner and user friendly, easy to understand how to generate scenarios for VR, including features for evaluation and assessment of the trainees such as LMS integration. You are able to build scenarios that can run on mobile phones, VR headsets, or other devices, providing also an easy-to-use video editor that makes the creation process of a 360 video immersive scenario fast and easy to do.

Warp VR is an awesome and affordable tool for a VR developer or for in-house scenario development that can be used as an alternative method for training the workforce and students. On top of that, you get amazing support from the team and great responsiveness.”

Dragos Filimon, Maritime trainer at Ceronav

Easily integrate with your LMS & LXP

Create VR training scenarios that are easy to share and access for learners with LMS and LXP integrations and different authentication options.

Unlock the power of your LMS & LXP

Improve your blended learning approach by integrating VR training courses and training results into your LMS or LXP, next to other types of learning materials. We support SCORM 1.2, LTI 1.1 and xAPI, and offer our own API for more advanced use cases.

Offer seamless access and improve security

Integrations can also be used to simplify access management for VR training creators with single sign-on (SSO). They don’t need to log into Warp Studio separately, and access is automatically revoked when needed.

We support you every step of the way

Build immersive experiences your employees will love in just 4 to 8 weeks with a custom onboarding program, video library, help center and workshops. Get help from our experts in instructional design, media production & implementation to further improve adoption, engagement & impact.

Strategy & planning
Script writing
Filming & production
Hardware & implementation
Rollout & adoption
Performance analysis
Our services
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