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The highest-rated VR training platform

Warp VR is the easiest and most powerful way to create and scale immersive, true-to-life learning experiences in 360° video.
Ease of use
Industry average: 8.7
Ease of setup
Industry average: 8.5
Quality of support
Industry average: 8.6
VR training platform
Highest rated

Built with creators in mind

Designed for creators, our platform simplifies immersive training creation with easy-to-use tools, enhanced by collaboration features and gamification to engage learners.
No-code flow editor
Easily design and structure your scenarios without any coding knowledge, streamlining the creation process for both novices and experts.
Video editor
Position interactive elements and decide how they appear. Determine when elements appear and adjust the video loop. All in our video editor.
Interactive elements
Add various interactive elements to make scenarios more engaging, enhancing the learning process through active participation.
Scenarios can have several endings, visualizing consequences, displaying score and feedback.
Camera locations
Set camera locations per scene to easily order scenes for the script export.
Export and print your script to easily shoot the videos required for your scenario.
Trim videos
Trim and refine videos directly in the platform, ensuring your content is concise and impactful.
Mono- or stereoscopic
Choose between mono or stereoscopic formats to best suit your training scenario's visual and immersive needs.

“Warp Studio’s simplicity is its biggest strength. It only requires a little explanation to create VR training thanks to the intuitive software.”

Burg de Man
Learning Expert

Test, deploy and scale

Refine your training with comprehensive testing features, enabling detailed feedback and easy integration with LMS or shared devices for streamlined learning experiences.
Testing controls
Test scenarios quickly in any device with a set of testing controls. Leave feedback while playing so scenarios are ready before publishing.
Trainees and groups
Organize learners into individuals or groups for tailored training experiences and insights.
Public links
Easily share access to groups through public links. Limit access to these groups by particular domains.
Shared devices
Register shared VR headset right in Warp VR and easily change available courses and scenarios per device.
Deploy through an MDM
Easily deploy the Warp VR app through any Mobile Device Management system.
Integrate with any LMS or LXP
Integrate with any LMS through SCORM, LTI or xAPI. Or create custom integrations with our powerful API.

"Warp Studio is an easy to use platform, with good customer support service. I like the simplicity, and the fast workflow. The software is designed in such a way that it supports the design process of the VR scenario.”

Ide Swager

Play anytime, anywhere

Ensure training is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our platform even supports offline mode, perfect for when internet access is limited.
Play on any device
Play scenarios on a Meta or Pico VR headset, iOS or Android smartphone or tablet or desktop or laptop.
Scoring and feedback
Provide scoring and feedback each time after trainees have played a scenario. Trainees can use that feedback and directly try again.
Offline access
Download scenarios and play offline. Perfect for when internet access is limited.
Easy sign-in
Sign-in is really easy on any device with a simple 6-digit code.
Gaze, hand, voice, controllers or touch
Interact with scenarios in various ways.

Analyze learner activity

Within Warp VR, you can analyze engagement, results, drop-off and even leaderboards.
Activity dashboard
Get detailled insights into usage, performance, engagement, and subjective ratings of confidence and satisfaction.
Scene analysis
Coming soon
Evaluate how learners interact with different scenes, gaining insights into engagement and understanding.
Track individual attempts
Track each attempt by learners, providing detailed data on performance and learning curves.
Tailored Insights
Receive customized analytics that support data-driven decisions to optimize your training scenarios and learner outcomes.

Designed for the enterprise

Warp VR is the most easy and powerful way to create and scale immersive, true-to-life learning experiences in 360° video.
Audit and security logs
ISO 27001 certified
Single sign-on (SSO)
GDPR compliant
Roles and permissions
Sign in with passkeys
Advanced security controls
User provisioning (SCIM)
Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Here's how we help you create training

Build immersive experiences with our onboarding program, academy and workshops. Get help where needed with instructional design, media production, hardware & implementation.
Guides & templates
Get up and running quickly with our templates and how-to guides.
Courses & certifications
Go deeper with our advanced courses and certifications.
Professional services
Speed up with support from learning and production experts.

"Warp VR solves the problem of managing hundreds of learners using a variety of devices. It provides the framework for developing scenario storylines and enables collaboration across organizations in a seamless and reliable way.”

James Wood
Owner at The VR Guys

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