A hanger is an operational and dangerous place to work. Preparing engineers can save lives. KLM uses VR to train 300 engineers on the job. Anywhere, anytime.

BBC uses VR to sales managers getting everything out of their meetings with potential partners. Practice Q&A and experience the effect.

Simulating events can be difficult to run as physical training scenarios. Erste Bank trains bank robberies through real-life VR scenarios.

Health and Safety are crucial for production sites in the pharmaceutical industry. Merck started implementing a VR training on one production site and is in preparation to expand.

British Telekom uses VR to train sales people in their telecom stores. Do you know how to deal with difficult customers?

It is not always understood that police officers have to use violence. Therefore a VR training was created to increase awareness on the correct use of violence.

“Warp Studio’s simplicity is its biggest strength. It only requires little explanation for trainers to create and distribute VR trainings thanks to the intuitive software. Playing the training only requires a smartphone and VR goggles, making it very easy for our trainers to asses the trainees knowledge.”

Burg de Man, Learning expert at Custodial Institutions Agency

What can you do to make your house a safer place? With VR people learn how to prevent a fire and or what to do when it occurs.

Vopak uses VR to test whether employees fight, fly or freeze during an emergency. By triggering the right emotion employees can learn to take the right action.

How do you react in a stressful and emotional event when someone needs your help? AMC uses VR to learn the CPR procedure, even with emotion involved.

What happens in a prison, when you don’t show the correct behaviour? This VR training learns prisoners the consequences of different behaviour.

How do you prevent invoice fraud through social hacking? A great subject to train with VR. Experience the consequences of your choices.

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Safety & Security

Train accident prevention, accident response or emergency preparedness. Put trainees in dangerous situation without getting hurt. Reality and storytelling are key ingredients to ensure the stickiness of influencing the behaviour.


New procedures enter the factory floor every day. How to make sure all employees know and remember these procedures? Use VR to engage and motivate your workforce to train these new procedures with no operational disturbance.


Recruitment, especially getting it wrong, can be costly for any organisation. Use VR to assess applicants skills during the recruitment process. Even use VR to onboard newly hired employees to learn company culture or find their way on the work-floor.


Sales employees are at the front of your organisation. Do they sell your products or services in the right way? Can they do better? How do they represent the company? Use VR to train and improve sales skills.


From retail to hotels to the catering industry, in many companies hospitality is key for a healthy business. Train real-life hospitality scenarios such as dealing with a difficult customer or practicing the best customer experience.


Even (higher) management needs to be trained about procedures within companies. Practice public speaking, difficult conversation or managing your team. Use interactive 360˚ video VR to mimic real-life.


Put your students into another place with VR. Use it in your classroom and take your education to another level.

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