Immersive training for healthcare

Create virtual reality training experiences that enhance knowledge retention, decision-making, and procedural skills for healthcare professionals.
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VR training to boost healthcare results and cut costs

Train employees faster and more effectively
Bridge the healthcare gap with immersive VR training, preparing more professionals faster and more efficiently.
Enhance patient care and communication
Enhance patient outcomes through virtual scenarios that refine caregivers’ communication and care skills.
Enforcing procedural healthcare training
Ensure precise adherence to medical procedures with VR training that offers story-based learning for increased knowledge retention.
Safe environments with simulated consequences
Train in a risk-free virtual environment where every decision plays out in simulated consequences.

Why choose immersive learning over traditional methods?

E-learning vs. Immersive learning
Unlike passive e-learning,  VR training immerses employees in engaging, real-life scenarios, significantly enhancing retention and application of knowledge.
Actor Roleplaying vs. Immersive learning
VR training offers an economical, repeatable solution for high-stakes training, unlike costly and one-time role-playing sessions
In-house trainers vs. Immersive learning
Supplementing in-house training with our VR training allows for frequent, consistent, and emotionally engaging learning experiences

"The quality of the actual training exceeded expectations as well, the software is very user-friendly and easy to handle from the backend. Couldn't be happier with the outcome!”

Maria Treichl
European Medicines Agency

What sets Warp VR apart?

Here are a few of our key features.
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Train on any device for added accessibility
Warp VR allows trainees to access trainings from almost any device including smartphone, tablet, desktop and VR headset.
Integrate with any Learning Management System
Integrate with any LMS through SCORM, LTI or xAPI. Or create custom integrations with our powerful API.
Data security for sensitive operations
Warp VR is ISO 27001 certified and meets all GDPR compliance standards, ensuring data is secure for all of our clients.

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