Monthly billing

Annual billing


€ 9,00

Per training seat

200 seats included

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€ 7,20

Per training seat

960 seats included

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€ 5,40

Per training seat

4.800 seats included

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Need Warpalytics? Want to know who played which scenario? And how they did? Track every attempt of your employees and see scores. All in our analytics add-on.

Analytics add-on

Per training seat

€ 1,80

All prices include back-up, hosting, security and support. Training seats are valid for 1 year. Prices are excluding VAT.


What is a training seat?

We believe in fair and simple pricing, therefore we only charge when trainees are actually playing VR training scenarios. A trainee that starts playing a new scenario is counted as one training seat. Is this trainee playing the same scenario over and over? Great! We still count this as one training seat.

How long are training seats valid?

Training seats are valid for a full year! That means there is enough time for your employees to play and re-play those important VR scenarios.

Is it free to play on multiple devices?

Yes it is! We believe everyone should play wherever and whenever they like. Per trainee you can play up to 5 unique devices without any additional costs. When more devices are used per trainee, we count the additional devices as training seats. Read more

Should I register all my employees as trainees?

No it is not obligated, but we do think you get the most out of our platform when you do. And your employees will get the best personalised experience.

Is there a minimum quantity of training seats I must buy?

Yes, the minimum quantity is 200 training seats on a Lite plan. Contracts are always for a full year, but you can decide to pay per year or per month.

What if I need more training seats than included in a plan?

No problem. Every month we check whether more training seats have been used than the seats included in your plan. Only in the months that you require more training seats, we send you an invoice for these additional training seats. The additional training seats have the same price as the seats in your current plan.

I love discounts. Do you offer any?

Yes we do! If you buy the training seats included in your plan upfront, we give you a 10% discount. If you need a lot of training seats, we can also design you a custom plan. Please contact our sales team.

What if your product is not something for me?

Of course we are sad to see you leave, but if you decide to leave in the first 3 months, we’ll make sure you get a full refund.

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