€ 160

/ month

Max 100 trainees *


Scenario creation

  • Unlimited scenarios

  • 100 scenes (2~3 scenarios)

  • Rich flow editor

  • Media tools

  • Course creation

  • Gamification elements

  • 20Gb storage (Fair use)

Trainee management

  • Import trainees

  • Public sharing

  • LMS integration


  • Unlimited views

  • Full attempt data

Admin controls

  • Branding controls

Security & Support

  • GDPR compliant

  • Daily backups

  • Local business hours (CET)


€ 400

/ month

Per 200 trainees *

Adventurer plus:

Scenario creation

  • 400 scenes (~10 scenarios)

  • Unlimited storage (Fair use)

Trainee management

  • 2.000 trainee limit


  • Export trainee data

  • Heatmaps (Coming soon)

Admin controls

  • Role management


€ 1.200

/ month

Per 500 trainees *

Superhero plus:

Scenario creation

  • 1.000 scenes (~25 scenarios)

Trainee management

  • 5.000 trainee limit

  • Warp API


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From 1.000 trainees *

Legend plus:

Trainee management

  • No trainee limit

Admin controls

  • Single Sign-On

Security & Support

  • Enterprise security

  • Enterprise support

All prices include back-up, hosting, security and support. Prices are excluding VAT.

* Only counting monthly active trainees

We believe in fair and simple pricing. Therefore, every month, we only count those trainees that had access to at least one scenario. You can keep all those registered trainees that don't play any scenario free of charge.


Can I use different trainees every month?

Yes, you can! For example, if you want to train 6.000 employees and give everyone one month access to several training scenarios, you can take the 'Legend' plan with 500 trainees.

How do you count trainees coming from an LMS?

When trainees are coming from a Learning Management System, we count them as one trainee for the month they got access.

What if I exceed the trainee limit and I have more trainees I would like to train?

We will show a warning in Warp Studio (and send an email) whenever you reach 80% and 100% of your trainee limit. In case your trainee limit is reached, new trainees can no longer get access to scenarios. In that case you can purchase additional trainees or wait until the new month for new trainee space to become available.

What is a scene?

A scene represents one interaction moment in a scenario. An interaction moment can be a multiple choice question, an information element, some arrows to head in a certain direction or several hotspots. More info about scene types here. One scene has only one 360 video file.

How many scenes does a scenario have?

This really depends on the size of a scenario. On average we see that a scenario has about 40 scenes. But you can also create scenarios of just 4 scenes, or even a 100 scenes. It is all up to you!

Do you count scenes of all scenarios?

No, we don't. We distinguish published, draft and archived scenario. We do count the scenes of published and draft scenarios. We do not count the scenes of archived scenarios.

Can I purchase additional scenes?

Yes, you can! With the exception of the 'Adventurer' plan, you can purchase 500 scenes for €1.000,- per month.

Is it free to play on multiple devices?

Yes, it is. Every trainee can play on their preferred device. They can, for example, even start on an iPhone smartphone and continue playing on an Oculus Quest.

Is there an educational discount?

Yes, we give educational institutions 50% discount on all plans.

Are there any other discounts?

Oh yes. In case you decide to purchase a full year upfront (annual subscription) we give you 10% discount on your plan and any upfront purchased trainees or scenes.

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