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All plans come with these standard features

Unlimited draft scenarios

Create as many scenarios as you like. You can make use of an unlimited amount of draft scenarios.

Unlimited users

Add as many trainees as you like. When adding new trainees a temporary password is made, which is required to be changed upon first sign-in.

250Gb bandwidth

Every plan comes with a maximum of 250Gb bandwidth per month. This is enough for over 90% of all our clients.  

Scenario analytics

See how trainees progress, check out high scores and see every single choice. Compare attempts for one trainee or compare trainees all together.

Scenario access control

Determine who gets to play which scenario. Give or revoke scenario access at any moment. Create user groups to instantly set access for full teams.

In-browser testing

Quickly test your scenarios in Warp Studio. Make changes to your scenario before distributing to all employees.

10Gb upload per scenario

You can upload up to 10Gb of media per scenario, which equals over 2 hours of 360˚ video.

Multiple organisations

Easily create multiple organisations in Warp Studio. Even trainees can play scenarios of multiple organisations with the same login.

Scenario versioning

Each time you publish a scenario, a new version of your scenario is saved. Trainees always play the latest version.


Use times in scenarios to add pressure for trainees to make a choice.


Increase replay-ability and add a randomiser to let our app randomly select a scene a trainee is going to.

Set scoring system

Choose the optimal scoring system for your scenarios. Decide if collecting points is a good or bad thing.

“The immersion of VR makes you feel as if you are in a real life situation. The realism of the CPR training made me forget that I was in a virtual world. I even started talking to myself out loud!”

Esther Barsom, PhD candidate, Department of Surgery, AMC

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