Danny de Bruijn
Founder & CXO

A checklist for setting up a Warp VR training room at your office

In this short article, I would like to share a checklist for setting-up a Warp VR training room at your company.

Step 1: Hardware & software

  • Set-up your Oculus Go’s and make sure you have the Warp VR app installed. Tip: you need just one smartphone and account to set-up multiple Oculus Go’s.
  • Delete all the unnecessary apps from the Oculus Go’s so people are not too easily tempted to play other (entertainment) apps. Or take a look at Oculus for Business that offers a kiosk mode setting.
  • Label the Oculus Go’s so it is clear what controller belongs to it (otherwise it is very easy to mix up controllers).
  • Label all the buttons on the Oculus Go so the trainee knows what every button does on the headset.
  • If the VR room has a noisy environment make sure you add (noise-canceling) headphones that can be plugged into the Oculus Go.

Step 2: Power & hygiene

  • Have a power station where the Oculus Go’s are stored so the Oculus Go’s can be charged after use.
  • Make sure you have a rechargeable battery station so trainees can switch the controller battery if it is depleted.
  • Offer disposable VR covers for those who want to use it.
  • Read our blog post about Hygiene & Virtual Reality to learn more about the topic.
  • Offer lens cleaning wipes that can be used once the VR glasses have been cleaned.

Step 3: Setting up your VR Room

  • Try to use a room where people have the privacy to safely enter VR (and do not feel that they are being stared at by fellow colleagues ).
  • Preferably use a room with dimmed lighting. This helps with increasing the sense of immersion (light will enter from below).
  • Make sure you use swivel chairs so trainees are free to turn 360 degrees in their chairs.
  • Make sure there is enough distance between the chairs and walls so the trainee can freely turn around.
  • Think of a way to distribute the Oculus Go’s. This could be done by a receptionist who can keep track of them or a VR room that is only accessible through identification.
  • Add a clear instruction manual so people understand how to use the Oculus Go before putting on the VR headset.
  • Make sure there is a good & stable wifi connection so trainees can log in to their own training environment, download their VR trainings and enabling the trainee data to be sent back to the Warp Studio.

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