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A complete VR training in one day

On Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd of September we participated in Hackathon organised by the municipality of Amsterdam. A hackathon is a meeting of software and website developers, designers and business strategists to work together on one product. The goal is to devise an innovative and creative solution to resolve a particular issue of a business problem.Sounds cool right? So, what was the case we were working on?

The case

Starting from the first of July 2019, the Netherlands will be subject to a new law called The Environmental Act. This is a law that bundles existing legislation and rules for space, housing, infrastructure, environment, nature and water and makes it easier to access a structured digital system. Therefore, licensors and users will know better what is allowed and what not. As a result, digital business including decision making and collaboration with the government is going to be better and faster.

Being policy language and therefore hard to understand, we decided to clarify through a case. We spoke together with Sandi Dijakovic of Jong&Fris, a partner we work together with and a team manager of the municipality of Amsterdam.

She brought us a case for a retail merchant that wanted a licence for selling coffee and macarons outside of his store. The problem is retail merchants have no idea how the process is going for getting a licence. But most important, the policy makers of the municipality don’t know either.

The solution

Our solution? We decided to take the human approach and center the solution around the retail merchant and the official. The retail merchant should have the feeling he can fulfil his dreams. The policy maker will better understand the process and the ideas of the retail merchant. For both sides we wanted to offer a training in this process. So the task began.

The process

Together with Sandi and the team manager we worked out a scenario and a script for our case. This is the first part of our process and required input from all stakeholders and was done in half a day. The second part is filming that script with a 360˚ camera, also done in half a day.

The result

So, to conclude, in just one day we are able to make a VR training regarding the new The Environmental Act for the municipality of Amsterdam. This is all due our own developed technology which we offer as an online software solution called VR Training Center.

By simply creating a scenario in our course creator, uploading 360˚ videos through our publishing tools, you as well are able to create, film and publish in just one day (or more of course, you are the creator).

We are looking forward to our VR adventures with the municipality of Amsterdam and beyond.

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