Warp VR and Mindsed announcing a collaboration to enable training professionals worldwide in leveraging the power of VR storytelling in Learning.

WED, APR 28, 2020 Warp VR has entered into a collaboration agreement with Mindsed, a German-based training provider that offers training courses in digital learning concepts, methodologies, and tools for learning professionals. The companies joined forces to provide training professionals with the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure needed to develop and distribute effective story-based Virtual Reality solutions for learners worldwide.

"We're super happy to enter into this collaboration with Warp VR. The need for training solutions that turns passive learning consumption into active learning experiences rises day by day to meet the needs of today's learners. Warp's unique approach to virtual storytelling and the creation of scenario-based Virtual Reality learning solutions meet precisely this need. Warp's software solution enables training professionals of all industries and EdTech knowledge levels to develop state-of-the-art training products that stick." says Tanja Schmidt, CLO, and co-founder of Mindsed.

"Our collaboration with Mindsed combines the "what" with the "how" of creating and delivering engaging and impactful immersive training solutions to learners globally. Mindsed's approach to teaching learning professionals how to plan, design, and apply digital learning products fills an important gap in the training industry. Their VR Learning Media Development course guides learning professionals through the entire planning and design process for effective immersive learning solutions. Course participants are then able to manifest their learnings by applying their new knowledge and skills using Warp's innovative story-based VR learning platform Warp Studio." says Guido Helmerhorst, Chief Growth Officer, and co-founder of Warp VR.

The collaboration was established to exchange best practices, knowledge, and VR experiences to create a well-founded and best-in-class solution set for educators. Mindsed and Warp VR cater to an international market, with customers and users located across the globe. Mindsed in the capacity as a professional training provider in digital learning, Warp VR as a leading EdTech provider focused on immersive training solutions.

Warp VR is an immersive learning tech and services provider enabling story-based real-life situational training courses. With a global network of experts and a growing library of off-the-shelf content, Warp is on a mission to enable immersive learning at scale.

Mindsed Group AB is a training provider that offers training courses in digital learning concepts, methodologies, tools, and platforms for learning professionals. Mindsed helps educators gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to create training offerings that meet the need of today's learners. The company’s learner-centric course offerings are carefully designed to address the challenges of today's learning professionals.

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