Offline training can be very practical, inspirational and engaging. However, it will never be scalable. The more people taking your offline training, the more instructors your need. Offline training also requires a location. And that location can be only used for a certain amount of time.

For a lot of trainers and training agencies, online e-learning has been a solution for these problems. Great, you might think. But e-learning also gave a new problem. Although e-learning is scalable and easy-to-use, getting your message across is very hard. E-learning mostly works for theory, but not so much for real-life and practical training. And let’s not forget, completion rates for e-learning are less than 10%.

VR learning

Using Virtual Reality for learning will solve these problems. In combination with our story-based immersive philosophy, training feels real-life, is practical and very engaging. Recent research by PwC shows the effectiveness of VR training:

  • 275% more confident to act on what they learned after training.
  • 1.5x more focused than their classroom peers.
  • 4x faster than classroom training on average.
  • 3.75x more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners.

It is clear VR outperforms both e-learning and offline learning. Did we already mention it all happens online? Learning with VR is scalable. This means that the number of people playing the VR training is not correlated with the effort that needs to be put in.

Example of a soft skills VR training made together with Ownit

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As a training agency, you might think using VR for training is way too expensive. But think again. It is not. The development costs of high-quality story-based immersive training have actually come within reach.

As a training agency you might think using VR for training is way too expensive. But think again.

If you are a training agency selling knowledge and skills in the form of workshops, role-playing sessions, instruction-led training or even e-learning, you could make that step towards more effective training with VR. Soft skills training, hospitality, leadership, sales, customer service, health and other domains are great for our story-based approach. Practice communication skills, dealing with difficult customers or comforting patients, Virtual Reality as a technology will help your customers building these skills.

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If you are interested in bringing your knowledge and skills online and accessible through story-based VR training, contact us. We would love to partner with you.

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