“How can I help you?” Euh yes, good morning, can I have that dark loaf right over there?” “This one?” “No, the one on the right, yes that one.” “That will be $5 please.”

Who would have thought you could buy real life learning experiences like you buy bread at your favorite bakery. It is happening and we partnered up with 3 world class partners to start offering those experiences off the shelf.

Soft Skills - in collaboration with OWNIT

Course: Dealing with Resistance

This course consists of 3 scenarios and 3 lectures. They are about giving feedback and have the courage to deal with resistance. It is the first out of a series titled Communication Skills in VR. The additional modules will be about:

  • commercial sensitivity
  • be more influential
  • solve conflicts
  • sell your ideas
  • be constructive negotiators

The world of classroom communication and sales training is changing, not in the least because classroom training is often not about learning but about performing. Think about it. When was the last time you were in a classroom with some of your peers for a certain subject? What did it feel like? Were you free to play? Were you free to try out new things? Of course the teachers said it was a safe environment, but did it feel like it? I bet it didn’t.

Enter VR: a safe place to learn and become the better version of yourself.

This course enables you as professional and as a professional organization to learn by doing, by making mistakes, by connecting the dots. Anywhere you want, Anytime you want, And as many times as you want. In a real office setting you have to deal with colleagues and customers. Do you have what it takes?

You can purchase it stand-alone or embedded with (online) performance support and reflection.

Scene from the course: Dealing with Resistance

Content of this course:


  1. Provide Feedback
  2. Dealing with Objections
  3. Dealing with emotions of others


  1. Providing constructive feedback
  2. Dealing with Resistance
  3. Dealing with a personal attack

Order this course for €450 (full-year license)

Covid-19 scenarios - in collaboration with DA-RE Health Innovations

Course: Home and Elderly care Covid-19 training

Still recovering from incredible efforts professionals in health care have performed in the heights of the COVID pandemic it is also vital to be ready for the possible next wave. 

The program “Anders Werken in de Zorg” and the Area Health Authority of the Friesland Province have initiated two VR scenarios to help ensure the right training for all professionals involved. The idea for using VR is based on the experience from the past months where some people had experience and others had not. To capture the intensity and new character of the situations health care professionals have to deal DA-RE Health Innovations was asked to create the first two scenarios.

Scene from the course: Home and Elderly care Covid training

Content of this course:

The first scenario is situated in a home care setting. As a player you are confronted with dilemmas and have to ensure the right execution of the protocol for your and your patients safety.

In the second scenario you are a caretaker in a nursing home. How do you make sure you work safely? How do you deal with worried family members? And how do you ensure that the virus doesn’t spread?

These first two (of more to come) scenarios are suitable for every health care institute who wants to train their professionals. There is a kit - with a the needed hard and software - available to help easy implementation of this new way of training.

Order now on darehealthinnovation.nl/covid-vr-training/

Good Manufacturing Practice  - in collaboration with Biotech Training Facility

Course: Media Fill 

With more pharmaceutical products requiring aseptic processing to ensure end-product sterility, there is increasing emphasis being placed on procedures that demonstrate good process control. For example, stringent cleaning and disinfectant protocols, environmental monitoring (EM), validation of equipment and process simulations (also known as media fill).

Intensive procedural training is needed to ensure Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines are followed each and every time. Training of GMP procedures often does not happen on the actual workfloor because of the risks involved.

Biotech Training Facility specializes in providing these types of pharmaceutical training in a state-of-the-art test facility. Besides Next to onsite practical training now also virtual onsite training is available. 

This first-in-its-kind training enables pharmaceutical professionals and companies to train in real-life situations without the risks but and with the flexibility of online training.

You can purchase it stand-alone or embedded with (online) performance support and reflection. 

Scene from the course: Media fill

Content of this course:

  1. GMP Introduction
  2. Cleaning Procedure
  3. EM and Preparation Media Fill Procedure
  4. Media Fill
  5. Closing Media Fill Procedure

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