Imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You heard something downstairs, something fell on the floor. But what is it? And you smell something burning? What is happening?

Is this the beginning of an exciting book? Or a part in a new Hollywood movie? Well, kind of both. And more…

The case

Together with the Dutch Fire Department, Warp Industries created this very compelling Virtual Reality experience in which you play the husband of a family. But than suddenly your wife wakes up in the middle of the night. The house appears to be on fire. What do you do? How do you act?

In this VR game, you (as a player) make the decisions. By using 360˚ video in combination with an interactive storyline you decide what you, your wife and child will be doing. Will you make it out of the house in time or …

Interested in playing this game? Please download and let us know what you think. The apps are currently only in Dutch, but we are working on a translation. Add yourself to our newsletter and we’ll inform you when the English version hits the stores.

The philosophy

This VR experience is ment to educate you, me and everybody about causes of a house fire. And to think about an escape plan when such a thing might happen. Of course this has been tried before, but never in such a realistic and immersive way. By using the power of VR, one can truly imagine and feel the pressure of being in such a situation.

Virtual Reality has been tagged the ultimate empathy machine. And that power is what we tap into with VR training. By practicing decisions at various crucial moments, you can feel the emotion. When the pressure is at its peak, those are the moments you learn. And since virtual means not real, we create a safe environment to learn. It is ok to make mistakes, it is ok to not make it out of the house on time. You just try again.

Learning new behaviour can make you ready. Ready for what might come. Therefore Virtual Reality has the power to save lives.

The process

We make VR training solutions in three easy steps. First we create an interactive scenario together with our client. Second we film this scenario using professional actors and lights in 360˚ video. Finally we combine the scenario and video into one app.

This video shows our process:

Video showing our process creating a VR training for the Dutch Fire Department

Interested in using Virtual Reality for training, please comment your questions or ideas or contact me personally on

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