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At a recent event, two speakers offered some valuable insights into VR training and how it works in their organizations.

We were thrilled to host two exceptional keynote speakers at our recent event, each bringing unique insights into the use of immersive technologies in training and development.

Jennifer Rogers, an Executive Officer at IEEE’s Learning Technology Standards Committee, and a seasoned Founder and Principal Strategist at her consulting firm, delivered an engaging presentation. With over two decades in learning and talent development, Jennifer specializes in leveraging emerging technologies like AR, VR, and machine learning to enhance performance across sectors including energy, healthcare, and tech. Her work is recognized through numerous awards and publications, underscoring her commitment to continuous improvement and impactful change.

Key Points from Jennifer’s Talk:

  • Utilizing AR and VR to transform traditional training models.
  • Impact of machine learning on performance measurement and enhancement.
  • Strategies for integrating new technologies into various industries.

Nick Brashier, the Learning Innovation Lead at EDF, provided an optimistic and insightful talk focused on engaging senior leaders with innovative technology and 360 Immersive Learning. Nick discussed strategies to excite and win their support for these technologies, emphasizing the importance of early involvement in the development process, hands-on technology experiences, and demonstrating the potential business impact.

Key Points from Nick’s Talk:

  • Engaging senior leaders early to foster support for new technologies.
  • Hands-on demonstrations to highlight the practical benefits of immersive learning.
  • Showcasing the financial and operational impacts of adopting innovative solutions.
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