The beginning of systematic or established methods for VR in training.

“a particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.” - meaning methods

The methods to create a classroom setup, to integrate PowerPoint, and to partly incorporate eLearning for professional training purposes have been developed and refined over years. The past year, with the massive acceleration of learning going digital, taught us that digital means flexibility and less commute but also means more prep time and even more hands to do a good online production. Where trainers used to just go in the car, arrive at the training room in the hotel, set up, put the notebooks, pens, and goodies on the table her or she was ready to go... the digital version is a different world.

And then comes Virtual Reality... a way to push digital learning even further: use VR role-playing scenarios instead of (or in addition to) real training actors. But can it be done in a thoughtful and sustainable way? Is there a method to do so? Can you create a full program that incorporates VR?

Yes, there is.


This example shows you how a blended program is created making use of the VR capabilities. As detailed in the table below the setup provides context (kickoff), reflection (assessments), experience (VR), and peer-to-peer learning (coaching). Credits to OWNIT who developed (and tested) this program, and deploying it already @ Lely and Johnson&Johnson.

Blended learning program with VR scenarios @ OWNIT

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