The metaverse can be seen as a more physical and realistic representation of our current online world, with which we primarily interact trough 2D screens. Although the metaverse isn't here yet, many companies are currently building its foundations.

The same is true for online learning. Current digital learning solutions are ‘flat’ (i.e. developed for mobile or desktop), focus on theory, and are hard to put into real-world practice. We need hyper realistic and practical digital training to upskill and reskill the workforce.

Learning in the metaverse feels real. Forward thinking companies are already investing and reaping the benefits of immersive learning:

  • ErsteBank is using VR to train up to 16,000 branch employees in a variety of customer-facing scenarios.
  • Dutch Railways (NS) is using VR to easily deploy company-wide interactive tours for new train types.
  • Shell is using VR to improve safety awareness. By training 9,000 fronline workers on the best ways to prevent failures and stay out of harm’s way, workplace safety is significantly improved.

Not one single company can build or even own the metaverse, as it is based on a combination of different kinds of apps and websites, and includes different virtual worlds.

For L&D this won't be any different, as no single provider can build a metaverse for training. We expect the metaverse to contain a combination of many types of training solutions. This future is already happening as many companies are working hard to collectively build a metaverse of training. This will only expand in the coming years with better hardware, tools and training.

As an immersive training app to upskill frontline workers during their full employee lifecycle, Warp VR will be one of them. Let's build the metaverse of training together!

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