Thijs de Vries
Founder & CEO

Use VR training for getting back to the office after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has a huge effect on all of us. Both in our personal lives as well as in business. Better times are ahead now offices are slowly re-opening. Use VR training to teach and inform employees about new office regulations, right from their own homes.

With employees going back to the office, most probably new regulations need to be learned. Hygiene procedures might be more strict, employee occupation for workplaces and meeting rooms have changed and certain walking routes within the office might have been installed. Not only do existing employees need to learn these new procedures, but new staff will also require updated onboarding programs.

Create personal experiences

Using interactive 360˚ video scenarios is the best way for employees to experience these new procedures and regulations. Create an immersive guided tour where someone shows you around in a redesigned office as we did for ISS Facility Services. Create immersive scenarios that explain the procedure of how to receive guests. Or create personal scenarios for guests that interactively brief them about visiting your office.

"Create immersive guided tours for employees that feel very personal by having a buddy in the scenario that shows you around."

Even when regulations or procedures change, adapting the interactive scenarios is very easy. With Warp Studio, it is simple to change scenes, texts, questions or answers and republish for everyone to be interacting with the most recent version.

Play from the comfort of your home

For both current and new employees, interactive 360˚ video scenarios can be played right from the comfort of their own home. They can do so by using a VR headset or by using our app for mobile and tablet. Instruct employees before they head into the office and have them prepared to be ready for the office after Covid-19.

Curious about the possibilities for re-opening your office?

Play interactive guided tours with 360˚ video right from your tablet
Play interactive guided tours with 360˚ video right from your tablet


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