From the launch of the the Warp Expert Fundamental Course, an online course specifically designed for our partners, we have had questions from clients requesting similar course material to improve their skillset for VR training scenario creation and implementation.

We have made that course and we offer it free of charge to help companies that struggle during the COVID-19 crisis. Maybe new ways of training isn't priority for you as a company in these uncertain times. But think again, in our opinion it has never been a better time to start with VR training. VR can easily be implemented for employees to be trained at home or from any other location in a very realistic manner. If you are interested, this course is for you.

"In our opinion it has never been a better time to start with VR training."

This course offers more than 2 hours of video content, assignments with each chapter and downloadable documentation. We discuss why VR training works, the process behind making high-quality training scenarios, we talk brain science and explain how to roll-out, distribute and analyze VR training in your organization.

Enroll now and let us know what you think.

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