Thijs de Vries
Founder & CEO

Warp VR raises €1M seed funding to take corporate training to the next level

Now more than ever, employees are seeking a work environment in which they feel valued and supported. They require engaging learning opportunities that encourage their personal growth. Up to 85% of employees believe that they need new skills to be effective at work and take on new kinds of jobs or tasks.

We envision a world where every professional improves their skills, confidence and overall work performance with immersive training experiences. Traditional approaches to learning and development are often ineffective, expensive and mostly boring. Technologies such as virtual reality and 360˚ video will dramatically change this landscape.


Companies like KLM, Shell, ErsteBank and the NS (Dutch Railways) use our products to create custom VR training scenarios for their most challenging work situations and easily distribute them amongst their thousands of employees.

Warp VR is founded in 2017 by Danny de Bruijn, Guido Helmerhorst, and Thijs de Vries, and offers a unique platform for large companies to easily create, distribute and analyze story-based immersive scenarios to their employees. With apps for smartphone, tablet and VR headsets, a library with off-the-shelf trainings, and a strong partner network, we offer companies everything they need to empower their workforce across the employee journey ranging from onboarding to safety and soft skills training.

How the investment will be used

To support our fast growth, we have secured a €1M seed investment led by a group of business angels, combined with several senior partners from consultancy firm Roland Berger. The funds will be used to expand sales and marketing capabilities, as well as opening up several IT positions.

"We are super excited to use this investment to bring the still old-fashioned training industry into the modern era," says Warp VR CEO Thijs de Vries.

About Roland Berger

Roland Berger is an international management consultancy headquartered in Munich. With 2,400 employees and 52 offices in 35 countries, it has a presence in all major industrialized and emerging markets.

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