At Oculus Connect we have witnessed Mark Zuckerberg present the Oculus GO (VR headset). Since then we have been anxiously waiting for the official release. Last week the Oculus Go has been released at the F8 Conference of Facebook. And we couldn’t be more happy about this! Why? Because we believe this hardware is exactly what the VR industries needs. Let me elaborate on this below.


In the past I have written an article about the different VR hardware out there. My argument was that you need at least a GearVR to experience good quality VR. Now I would want to recommend the Oculus Go. The quality of the Oculus Go surpasses the GearVR. The screen on the Go is better, the lenses are better and it has build in audio that targets your ears through the straps (so no headphones needed).

This hardware has been produced with the goal to provide you the best experience if it comes to mobile VR.


Oculus has started a partnership with Xiaomi, a Chinese based electronics company. Xiaomi is the 4th biggest manufacturer of smartphones. This means that they know how to build & distribute high volumes of electronic devices. We received our Oculus Go within 2 days after ordering (in the Netherlands).

We think this is a very important, because if we recommend our customers hardware, we want to be sure that Oculus can deliver. And with this partnership they can.


Pricing is something that I get excited about if it does not reduce the quality. The starting price of a GearVR (with phone) starts at around 500 euros. With 219 euros for the Oculus Go this is a massive reduction of the cost (and it delivers a higher quality experience). Without Tax the device costs just 181 euros and at this price you can write-off hardware within a year as a business. And for this price you get everything (including shipment!).

For these reasons we are already experiencing that our clients love this pricing point. We al ready got a lot of questions about if they should buy these devices and actually that is also the reason why we are writing this article.


If you are looking for a mobile VR device, our advice is clear. If it comes to quality, availability and pricing the Oculus Go is all one big GO!

To order you Oculus Go you can go to The reason we are recommending Oculus Go is because we want people to experience the experiences from the Warp Studio at the highest quality possible at an affordable price.

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