We believe there’s a better way to learn

VR training helps to create motivated, confident employees that have the right skills, knowledge and experience the moment they need it.

What we do

We help medium to large sized organizations across industries to upskill and reskill their employees using story-based, real-life immersive learning and 360° video. An evacuation training in an airplane hangar? A bank robbery at a local bank? Imagine it, make it and play it. For 100 people, 10,000 people, or more!

True to life. Increase the impact of your training programs with emotional, story-based immersive learning.

Easy to use. The creator-friendly enterprise VR training platform that improves completion rates and retention.

Easy to scale. Play on any device and improve access with LMS integrations, SSO and multi-language support.

How it works

VR training enables learning by doing in realistic situations. As humans we all learn through experience, by making mistakes, by falling down and getting up again. We use immersive technology and scenario based learning to make situational learning available anytime, anywhere.

Why it works

Immersive learning combines the sense of presence that VR offers with advanced learning theory, behavioral and cognitive science, and spatial design into an interactive and highly effective learning experience. When putting on a VR headset, learners are fully immersed in a virtual environment where they can learn distraction free. This helps to increase engagement and retention rates.

More customer stories

“The emotional involvement is much higher.”

“The VR glasses and the 360-degree view make it much easier to immerse yourself in a scenario and feel much more realistic compared to educational videos or roleplaying games. Especially when it comes to escalations and real threat situations, which are difficult to simulate in conventional workshops with your own colleagues. Every decision I make in the VR scenario has an impact on the further storyline, contrary to the rigid linear process of a training video.”

David Gezzele, Head of Learning & Development at Erste Bank

Our ecosystem

To support the XR industry and promote story-based immersive learning as a better way to learn, we actively contribute to several industry events, associations, educational and research programs, and invest a lot in growing our partner network.


Our team has extensive experience with VR and learning and a diverse, international background.

Ali Seyfollahi
Senior Frontend Developer
Ana Ilievska
Customer Success Manager
Antonio Stissi
Technical Lead Warp VR app
Danny de Bruijn
Founder & CXO
Guido Helmerhorst
Founder & CGO
Mateo Schram
Sales Engineer
Menno van der Sman
Technical Lead Warp Studio
Reinier Elderson
Client Services Director
Thijs de Vries
Founder & CEO
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Strive for impact

We always go the extra mile to make an impact, while balancing speed and quality.

Play as a team

We work as one team based on trust and respect, while having a lot of fun in the process.

Take initiative

We are proactive, challenge each other, take risks and adapt where needed.

Stay curious

We are open to learning and discovering new, better ways to get things done.

Learn from mistakes

We are perfectionists, but value our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

Our values are the driving force

With a team from many different backgrounds and nationalities, diversity is celebrated within our company. We offer everyone a warm and welcoming work environment and take personal and professional growth seriously. To best work together, we created a series of core values that guide everything we do.

It’s all about the people

Our people are the most important to us. Some other sentence why we think this is so important. We’re always looking for amazing people to join us. If you’re interested in building the future of learning with us, check out our available positions.

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