How VR Bieb improves healthcare education with immersive learning

VR Bieb (‘VR library’) offers a wide assortment of VR training courses for professionals in healthcare organizations & networks (like Anders werken in de zorg and Zorgconnect Noord- en Midden-Limburg) and educational institutions (like NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and Onderwijsgroep Tilburg).

VR Bieb originated from a need to deploy new technologies such as VR in an optimal and impactful way, with scalability and affordability in mind. As it’s often a challenge for healthcare organizations to get started with VR, The company works with a community of 30+ organizations to discover learning needs as a basis for new content development. The company has its own production team responsible for activities like script development, recording and editing.


Healthcare professionals generally have limited time for training. And any time actually spent learning is generally done under pressure, resulting in low retention rates. With healthcare becoming more complex, traditional learning methods are no longer as effective. Text-heavy, dense training materials are difficult to digest and comprehend out of context.

As such, there is a general move towards simulation-based learning. However, this mostly has to be carried out face-to-face, requiring expensive equipment, materials, space, and personnel. Time, cost, and location make it both difficult to deliver and to attend on a regular basis.


Learning how to deal with complex behavior at work? Understanding clients better or standing in the shoes of a colleague in a difficult practical situation? Simulating a BHV exercise or taking a look at an average working day in healthcare? Virtual reality makes it possible to practice every imaginable scenario or take in new material in a safe environment that is indistinguishable from reality.

VR learning has several major advantages over more traditional methods. By virtually experiencing situations in a real-life manner, employees can better empathize with a situation and experience the consequences of their choices, which enhances empathic response and contributes to better retention of what has been learned.

For a fixed monthly fee, VR Bieb provides access to a library of immersive learning modules for soft skills, social skills, and occupational health and safety procedures for disability care, elderly care & education. The modules use 360-degree videos of familiar work environments instead of animations for increased realism and emotions.

Popular topics include conflict management with family, triage (where players can take on different roles), complex behavior, and dementia. Visit the VR Bieb website for a complete overview.

A few examples:

Modules can be preloaded onto Pico VR headsets in kiosk mode without controllers, which makes it more accessible for healthcare organizations to try out VR training.

With training analytics, HR leaders are able to uncover valuable insights on behavior, performance, and situational readiness of trainees. These insights can be used for example in classroom discussions.

Learn more about VR Bieb in our webinar VR Bieb: VR training scenarios for healthcare professionals.


As healthcare organizations are increasingly adopting immersive learning, VR Bieb plans to extend the library with content for additional audiences like healthcare professionals in disabled care, mental healthcare, etc. The company recently also made it into the finals of the Nationale Zorginnovatieprijs ('National Care Innovation Award') in the Netherlands.

Quotes from trainees:

“By putting on VR glasses at our COVID training, I found myself in a virtual reality for the first time. Fully focused on what was happening, lifelike and feeling like I was in the middle of it myself. What a wonderful way to learn!” - GGD Fryslân

“With the VR Bieb, we are actively contributing to a different way of working in healthcare. With VR, we can train healthcare professionals more efficiently and effectively, while providing an innovative and attractive working environment. The VR Bieb connects healthcare organizations through collaboration on the development of content and its common use. ” - Anders Werken in de Zorg

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