How to use VR for education

Virtual reality lets students learn through experience. Using immersive lessons that are engaging, memorable and impactful for students, these VR experiences improve learning outcomes and help students build important skills such as empathy and collaboration.

In this webinar we will dive into the ups and downs, challenges and windfalls of using VR for education — with special guests Che Govender (Lecturer, VR/AR in education at Hotelschool The Hague) and Erik Meuwsen (Lecturer, Smart Learning at ROC Airport College).

Topics covered include:

  • What types of content and topics are most suitable for VR?
  • How can VR technology be used to enhance teaching and learning?
  • How can VR be integrated into existing curricula and lesson plans? And what kind of support is needed for teachers to use it effectively?
  • What cost and time considerations are associated with creating VR content?
  • What kind of evaluation or assessment methods can be used to measure the effectiveness of VR in schools or classrooms?
  • What obstacles can be expected and how can these be overcome?
  • What ethical considerations are involved in using VR technology in the classroom?
  • What are the best resources for educators who want to get started with VR?
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