Reimagine what training looks like

Immersive learning results in happier, more productive employees who stay prepared for the future in less time and with more impact than traditional learning methods.

Work is changing. Are you prepared?

Faced with multiple transformational changes, the question on top of many L&D leaders’ minds is: what can we do to help our organization not only survive, but thrive? Companies must upskill their workforce to prepare them for tomorrow’s opportunities. This means investing in L&D to remain competitive in the market, and finding innovative ways to keep employees engaged — or risk losing them.

The skill gap is widening

Employee development is turning into an urgent priority as enterprises face a growing global skills shortage. Many business leaders don’t feel prepared to address this, as it’s increasingly difficult and costly to hire, develop, and retain employees, especially those with technical skills.

Learner demands have evolved

Employees are seeking companies where they feel valued and supported and that invest in their career development — preferably through self-paced, personalized learning opportunities, delivered when needed. L&D teams must recognize the importance of meeting their people where they’re at.

Traditional methods don’t work

Employee training programs are expensive, hinder sustainability efforts and lack direct ways to measure effectiveness and ROI. They also disturb business processes and are not effective in influencing behavior, as learners forget 70% of the content within 24 hours and nearly 90% in a month.

A better way to maximize your training investments

Immersive learning through VR helps to upskill employees faster and more effectively than traditional methods like on-the-job training, classroom instruction and e-learning.

Engage employees and improve skills faster

Engaging employees is one of the biggest challenges for L&D professionals. VR training helps to overcome this obstacle by creating a safe and controlled environment in which learners have the power to customize their experience.

The realistic and distraction-free nature of VR improves the focus and emotional engagement of learners, the retention of information, and their ability to apply what they learned afterwards.

Reduce incidents, interruptions and training costs

In VR, trainees get to safely practice critical job skills in potentially dangerous or complex situations that are hard to replicate in real life. Employees can practice as often as needed to feel prepared and confident for their jobs.

As learning simulations can be accessed on-demand anywhere & anytime, VR training results in reduced travel costs, environmental footprint and operational disruptions.

Improve performance with actionable insights

VR training gives L&D teams greater insight into learner analytics, including usage statistics, performance data, engagement levels and subjective ratings of confidence, satisfaction and engagement.

This unprecedented level of real-time data provides insights into individual and group performance to support both individual development and the continuous improvement of immersive learning programs.

Simplify onboarding and boost your employer brand

As hiring and onboarding get more remote, VR can provide a great experience to (potential) new employees. It can be used to assess which candidates are best suited to a given role, as well as to better understand how they would behave in real-world scenarios, if hired.

New employees can better prepare themselves for their job and get up to speed quickly in an engaging way with realistic simulations that improve retention & learner motivation.

Enterprise immersive learning made easy

Create, manage, and distribute VR training scenarios with a unique level of data-driven insights. Improve engagement & completion rates with gamification. Get started quickly with workflow support during creation and implementation.

View platform

True to life. Increase the impact of your training programs with emotional, story-based immersive learning.

Easy to use. The creator-friendly enterprise VR training platform that improves completion rates and retention.

Easy to scale. Play on any device and improve access with LMS integrations, SSO and multi-language support.

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