360˚ filming
Danny de Bruijn
Founder & CXO

All the hardware you need to start filming with 360˚ video

A complete list of hardware you need to start filming. We'll walk you through how to set up and install everything. And I'll give you some important tips to avoid mistakes 🙌.

Do you want to film VR scenarios, but not sure how and what hardware to start with? Then you've come to the right place! I imagine it can feel overwhelming to start. Because where do you begin? What do you need? How do you go about with actors and sound? Don't worry, we're here to help. In this blog, we will do a deep dive into you what you need and how to set it up. We've also created a help center page with more information: Filming equipment.

What you really need

  • Camera: Insta360 ONE R (360 Edition)
  • Micro SD card: SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC 128GB A2
  • A stand for the camera: Konig & Meyer 201-2
  • Adapter ¼” external thread to ⅜” internal thread: Manfrotto 015 Adapter
  • Wireless microphone system: RØDE Wireless Go
  • Microphone adapter: Insta360 ONE R Mic Adapter
  • Super clamp for microphone system: SMALLRIG 1125

What we also recommend

  • Extra battery for the camera: Insta360 ONE R Battery Base
  • Extra Micro SD card: SanDisk Extreme MicroSDXC 128GB A2
  • Lavalier microphone: RØDE Microphones Lavalier GO
  • USB Charger: RAVPower USB Charger 30W 3-Port

Besides the list of what you definitely need, we also recommend buying the things on the second list. Here’s why:

  • The extra battery comes in handy because you can only film about 45 to 60 minutes with one battery. However, you often need more time to film a VR scenario.
  • An extra Micro SD card is useful as a backup, if a card gets corrupted you can always continue filming.
    Pro tip: we always save the video files in two places, for example on your computer and 1 card. This way you are safe and you have 1 card left to film another scenario. You can record about 2 hours of videos on a 128GB card.
  • The lavalier microphone is useful because it provides better quality than the built-in microphone in the RØDE Wireless Go. And a lavalier microphone is easier to hide so that you don't see a microphone in the video.
  • All devices come with a charging cable, but no USB charger. That is why we recommend buying a 3 port charger, such as the RAVPower USB Charger 30W 3-Port. With this powerhouse, you can charge the camera and the microphone system at the same time.

Let's start setting everything up

We start with the stand. Then we will set up and install the camera. And finally, we set up the audio system. Here we go!

The stand is the basis

Unpack the Konig & Meyer 201-2. Turn the legs out, hold the tripod above the foot and loosen the knob on the foot. If gravity hasn't done it already, you can now slide the foot down yourself. Tighten the knob on the foot and put down the tripod. Unscrew the handle at the top of the stand. Now you can make the stand larger. The height does not matter for setting up, as long as you have made the stand at least 30 cm longer (you will find out why later on). When you have the desired length you can tighten the handle again.

Now the stand is in place, we can screw the Manfrotto 015 Adapter onto the stand. This allows us to attach the camera to the stand in a minute.

Attach the camera to the stand

Setup and install the camera

When you installed the camera as described in the quick start guide, you can attach the camera to the stand. You do this by screwing the 1/4 "Adapter on the Mounting Bracket of the camera onto the Manfrotto 015 Adapter. The next step is the audio.

Thinner and top pipe of the stand.

No video without audio

When you unpack the SMALLRIG 11125, you will find the super clamp and a Ziploc bag with an Allen key and adapter. You only need the super clamp. You can attach it to the tripod. The super clamp opens by turning the large silver knob. You should have made the tripod larger because we want to attach the super clamp to the thinner and top pipe. This is not possible if you have not made the stand larger. This way you can later adjust the height of the stand to the actors, without having to convert the setup. Attach the super clamp approximately 40 cm from the top.

Attach the receiver to the stand

Next is the microphone system. In the RØDE Wireless Go package you will find the transmitter and receiver, a red 3.5 mm mini jack cable, 2x fur windshields, 2x USB (charging) cables and a pouch to put everything in. We start with the transmitter, receiver, and the red 3.5 mm mini-jack cable. Plug the cable into the receiver, which can be recognized by the display. Then attach the receiver to the stand by sliding the clip (the hot shoe mount) into the cold shoe mount of the super clamp.

To connect the cable to the camera, we need the Insta360 ONE R Mic Adapter. Open the lock cover on the Insta360 ONE R, there you will find a USB-C port where you can plug in the adapter. And you can push the red cable of the microphone system into the adapter.

RØDE Wireless Go - Quick Start

To turn on the microphone system, press the button on the top of the receiver and the bottom of the transmitter for 3 seconds. The display lights up at the receiver and two blue lights at the transmitter light up. They connect automatically and you can check this on the display of the receiver. When they are connected, you will see two batteries with RX (receiver) and TX (transmitter).

Note: If the Wireless GO makes no connection you can do this.
The transmitter and receiver will come pre-connected out of the box. If pairing is required, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the link button for 3 seconds
  2. The signal strength icon on the screen will start flashing
  3. Single press the power button on the TX
  4. The TX and RX should pair immediately

If you bought the RØDE Microphones Lavalier GO, you can now unpack it and plug it on top of the transmitter at the microphone icon. Would you like to know more about how to properly use a microphone? Then watch this video that RØDE:

Positioning of the camera

The whole setup is almost ready, we just have to tweak the position of the camera for a clean shot. If you have the camera turned on, you can view the preview via the display on the camera or via the Insta360 app on your phone. Check if you can see the red cable and the receiver in the video. This is probably the case.

Use a cabe tie to hide the cable

You can physically rotate the camera so that you no longer see the receiver. To do this, you need to turn the side of the camera where the Insta360 ONE R Mic Adapter is located towards the receiver. If you keep an eye on the preview, you will see the receiver disappear automatically. It's a kind of magic! Now we just have to make the red cable disappear. We can tie the cable to the stand using tape or a more environmentally friendly solution is a piece of Velcro or a cable tie. We use a cable tie. As soon as you tie the red cable to the stand, it will also disappear from the preview. You may have to play around with the position of the camera for the best results.

You are ready to go!

And now you are ready to start filming! If you still have questions you can always reach me personally via danny@warpvr.com or the team via chat on our website. We are happy to help you. Good luck on set and enjoy filming!   

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